About Us

James Carney


James Carney is one of the highly skilled technical IT professional having more than 10 years of working experience in IT industry. Meanwhile James has worked upon almost 200 successful projects and is presently working as a Senior Technical Analyst. He is an active member of our programming department, involved in writing advanced programs, algorithms & code for developing high end security programs.

Besides, James also holds considerable interest in blog writing and is one of the active bloggers having keen interest in writing on Virus & other threat associated topics. He has issued number of research papers & note on virus infection on Windows PC, harmful effects & way out to get rid of the same with the help of advanced removal tool. He is also the member of our Website’s Author Panel and it is a matter of great pride for us & as well as our readers that this great personality is here with us sharing his vast knowledge with world through his blogs.


Rose Scott


Rose Scott after completing her post graduate studies in computer science & operations from Standford University is working as a IT Security Expert. She in a skilled officer having over 3 years of working experience in network security field. She holds in depth knowledge in the field of security system & continually keeps updating the same for herself & users spread world wide.

Apart from that Rose is quite passionate about writing articles and does spare time from her busy schedule for writing technology related blogs, articles & related notes. Researching for new threats, virus, worms, trojans & more and publishing documentation on removal of those threat from PC is one of her hobby. Rose being an expert writer is involved in looking after, reviewing the content matter on virus removal, suggesting junior authors with appropriate guidelines on the same. She has received number of prize & awards in his name for this work of dedication.